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By Areha Kazuya

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Chapter 1 Wave of nationalism and socialism (1945-1956)


3. Israel independence(1): Jewish motherland construction movement


In this chapter the title "Wave of nationalism and socialism" means the movement of independence  of the Arab countries after World War II. The Jews had begun construction of their home country a little bit earlier. The Israeli country of the Jew who consistently dropped the biggest shadow under the history of the Arab countries in the post-war era emerged in quite different circumstance from Arabic ones in the long history of the Middle East.


So-called the Jews were expelled Palestine two thousand years ago and had to move in Europe. They were diaspora (discrete) people. They suffered persecution in every cities and towns in Europe and had bitter taste of the hardships of life until 1946. They finally returned to the ancestral land of Palestine. The epic historical drama has already been spoken in many books. As you can read the details from such books, it is not necessary to repeat again. I would like to briefly touch on the Israeli founding history since the 20th century.


In the late nineteenth century, the storm of anti-Semitism campaign blow up in Europe. The Sem is a generic name of ethnic groups that use Semian languages originating in the Middle East, such as Arabic and Hebrew. But anti-semitism in Europe at that time was anti-Jew itself. People of Diaspora were trapped in Jewish residential districts called "ghetto" in various cities. They have been discriminated and lived with bated breath. The incidents targeted Jews, however, occurred one after another in the heightened anti-Semitism movement.


The most famous one was "Dreyfus affair" in France. In 1894, the French Army's Jewish captain Alfred Dreyfus was arrested for spying against Germany. Though the case was later proved to be a false charge, the captain acquired a notorious judgment in 1906. The 12-year-long trial conflict became a major incident that shook France. Emir Zora, great writer, disclosed the letter of impeachment of the government. It was a socio-political scandal. At the end of the 19th century, there also was another sample of anti-semitism in Russia. Jewish genocide "Pogrom" was widely spread in Russia. Pogrom was a terrible affair together with "Holocaust" in Germany during the World War II. European people hated the Jews.


In such circumstance, it is impossible for Jews to seek for land inside Europe. They have no choice to get homeland in abroad. So many Jews headed to the "New World" – United States of America. But some of them insisted to construct their own homeland. The politicians of European countries also believed that giving Jewish home lands outside Europe was an excellent idea to eliminate social unrest in their society. They backed Jewish idea. This was a glossy policy to oust Jews from European continent.


However, it was impossible to discover unmanned land that could be cultivated and could build a new state on the Earth in the 20th century. So the British government proposed them how about the central Africa colonized by UK, where already black people were living. It was not a problem because UK could bring black people to knees by force. But Theodor Herzl, the leader of the homeland construction movement, insisted on the revival of his country in Palestine where his ancestors were exiled 2,000 years ago. He advocated "Return to Israel(Zionism)”. Zionist spoke the slogan loudly; “People defunct land to landless people” The construction movement of homeland was intensified.


The British government was in trouble. Palestine have been under the control of Ottoman Empire and was a land where Arabs have been lived for 2,000 years and more. It was absolutely not “People defunct land”. It was obvious that conflict would arise with indigenous Arabs if forced to settle.


At that time a fantastic tailwind blown for the Jews. It was the outbreak of the World War I. Britain suffering from cost of the war depended on the Jewish rich, Lord Rothschild. Lord Rothschild, in return, asked the UK to build a home land in Palestine. That was the Balfour Declaration (see Prologue Section 6 "The Triple Tongue Diplomacy of the UK - Balfour Declaration").


The UK won the war due to the financial support of the Jews. And the UK colonized Palestine through the Sykes-Pico Agreement with France (see Prologue Section 5 "Triple Tongue Diplomacy of the UK - Sykes · Pico Agreement"). Obstacles to the construction of Jewish home lands have been lifted.

(To be continued ----)


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